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Definitely being one of the more new tobacco companies, Vogue is really a new trend among cigarette smokers and a lot of people are choosing to smoke Vogue over other cigarette brands


This can only mean one of the two things, the brand has a very good marketing strategy that attracts smokers or the fact that these cigarettes are genuinely good and knowledgeable smokers can tell the difference between these cigarettes and other branded cigarettes.

Although the roots of this brand of cigarettes can be found when looking back the vogue cigarette style that emerged in the late 1950s, it wasn’t until much later that this specific brand really took off and began its reign.

These cigarettes definitely have a very distinctive look to their packaging and I would even go so far as to say that they’ve created the most fashionable style of cigarettes that are available on the market today.

The brand and the look of the cigarettes is meant to symbolize elegance, class and refinement.

What really helped this brand to become associated with style and beauty was the fact that the popular singer Madonna chose to appear smoking a Vogue cigarette in a single named after the same name that she released specifically to promote these cigarettes.

These cigarettes are mainly targeted for women of various ages and incomes. Their more popular styles of cigarettes “Vogue Superslims” as well as “Vogue Superslims Menthol” were launched in the year 1987 and have since held a very strong position in the women cigarette market.

The year 2005 saw the introduction of a set of new cigarettes, Menthe, Lilas and Bleue which were branded as the aroma line.

The New brand of cigarettes turned out to be a major success and have seen dramatic sales in the past few years. Most of the cigarette shop counters are stocked with these cigarettes due to their immense popularity.

It was decided in August 2007 that the company will be making a complete image renewal to stay ahead of the times with the design.

As both me and my wife are smokers I’ve had the opportunity of seeing how she transitioned from smoking various other brands of cigarettes to deciding to finally settle down on smoking only this brand as it definitely seemed to a notch above the rest of the brands when it comes to the price, taste and feel of the cigarettes.

They aren’t very expensive, yet the quality is very high and I could easily mistake these cigarettes for a very high costing luxury cigarettes if I didn’t know any better.

If you are a woman and haven’t really given this brand of cigarettes a try yet I would definitely recommend that you do so.

Just try them out for a week or two and I’m sure that you will be able to tell, by that time, if this is indeed the brand for you or you have to continue your search in hope of finding the “perfect” brand for your needs.

This time I wanted to talk about the cigarettes that have completely cast a spell on my wide – Vogue brand of cigarettes.

And I do not mean it in a bad way, it’s just that there is something about these cigarettes that women adore all over the world. Maybe it is the stylish design of the brand, maybe it’s the luxurious name of it, who knows but what is clear is that it’s a brand of cigarettes that is growing at an increasingly high speeds.

The brand is owned by the British American Tobacco which doesn’t surprise me as a lot of other brands are also owned by this company.

These cigarettes come in various sizes and varieties. King size, super slims as well as scented cigarettes like menthol are also available if you’d like to give them a go.

Fashion is and stylishness is definitely the category in which these cigarettes belong, and it’s no surprise that these cigarettes solely marketed towards women.

The brand is designed to symbolize class, refinement as well as elegance.

What really helped this brand to grow in the 1990s was the fact that the worldwide famous singer Madonna chose appear smoking a cigarette of this brand in her immensely popular songs video clip named the same as the cigarettes – Vogue.

In the end of 1999s these cigarettes were re-launched with a couple of new introductions like the superslims as well as the superslims menthol which had originally been launched in the 1987 but were now dramatically altered for the better.

This really helped the company to grow immensely and becoming the choice of brand of cigarettes to women from all over the world.

In 2005 another line of products were introduced which were nicknamed the aroma line of cigarettes. These were also a major commercial success which helped to boost the company’s sales even further. In March of 2007, another set of new cigarette types were launched, and yet again proving to be very lucratively popular.

Seeing how well they were doing, the company decided to do a complete re-haul of their whole brand in the late 2007.

They are now in the middle of updating all of their designs and styles of cigarettes, to go ahead with the times and offer a really unique design that will attract even more women to trying out this brand.

I would personally like to say that, as a man, I consider these cigarettes a well-designed product for women and I can definitely see why they are so popular among women.

Lastly though I think that what truly gives this brand the upper edge is the quality of the tobacco that they use as well as the overall quality of the whole production process.

You can really tell that money hasn’t been spared when it comes to both designing and packing the product, as well as actually growing and drying the tobacco that is in the cigarettes themselves.

Give this brand a go if you are a woman and I’m sure you’ll turn out to love it.